Eden Spicy Pumpkin Seeds 1 oz pack
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Handy single serve Pocket Snacks of our #1 best seller in the nut, fruit, and seed snack category. Organic dry roasted pumpkin seeds, aka pepitas, with organic cayenne pepper and organic garlic create this unique, hot and spicy snack food. A sprinkling of wheat free, organic tamari soy sauce adds richness and a hint of salt. Eden Pocket Snacks are the finest nuts, seeds, and dried fruits that we can find. They go easily to school, work, on errands, camping, and trekking. Keep them in the pantry for delicious, healthy snacking. A powerhouse of nutrients- high protein, fiber, 50% Daily Value of magnesium, low sodium, and a good source of iron and zinc. Gluten Free and kosher.
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Eden Spicy Pumpkin Seeds 1 oz pack

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