Baja Bob's Triple Citrus Margarita Mix - 32oz
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To avoid further confusion between our Original Lime Margarita Mix and our Desert Key Lime Margarita Mix, we have changed the name of the Desert Key Lime to Triple Citrus. Same recipe; same delicious flavor. For those of you who love a more citrusy-tasting margarita, then this one is for you. Try it today!Let Bob break it down for you: ZERO calories per serving! * That's right, ZERO! The average sugar-loaded margarita mix can run more than 250 calories per serving!

ZERO sugar and ZERO carbs!

Bob's secret formula is sweetened with Splenda®. Other sugar-free mixes are made with erythritol or aspartame, which have an aftertaste and can have a laxative effect. Bob isn't a fan.

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Baja Bob's Triple Citrus Margarita Mix - 32oz

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