Big Train Sugar Free Brownie Mix
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Wait until you taste Big Train's phenomenally rich, super-chocolaty Low Carb Chocolate Chip Brownies. This luscious brownie mix is all natural, has only 8g of net carbs per serving, and tastes great. This amazing low carb treat can be enjoyed guilt free. There is nothing better than a home baked treat that works deliciously into your low carb lifestyle. Go ahead, take another bite.

PLEASE NOTE: Big Train is a Canadian company and their exp date is not US Month/Day/Year, it is Day/Month/Year.

Serving size: servings per container: about 16, calories 60, fat 2g, sat fat .5g, chol 0mg, sodium 45mg, total carbs 15g, dietary fiber 4g, sugar 4g, net carbs 8, protein 2g. Ingredients:  Chocolate chips (cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin [emulsifier], vanilla), wheat flour, erythritol, inulin, (natural extract of chicory), oat flour, cocoa powder, cane sugar, whey protein concentrate (milk), corn starch (low glycemic), natural flavors, salt, baking soda, wheat gluten, guar gum, lo han guo (natural fruit extract).

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Big Train Sugar Free Brownie Mix

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